Kitchen Gardens, A Source of Health

Food, the principle source of energy for our body is also a source of disease and uneasiness. Safer the food is healthier a person will be. Due to industrialization and environmental degradation the quality of available food is also degraded. Excessive use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers has increased the food quantitatively but not qualitatively. When a consumer eats a food which is produced by excessive use of chemicals then the health of consumer is on the edge of vulnerability. So providence of safe and healthy food is a big issue, organically grown fruits and vegetables are most beneficial for health and for producing organically grown food, kitchen gardening or home gardening is the most reliable activity. It is a hobby and also a need for health conscious people.

In kitchen gardening plants are grown for consumption in house, majorly kitchen gardening is considered as growing of vegetables for consumption in house, but kitchen gardening is more than production of vegetables only. Kitchen gardening or home gardening is an art, technology and technique of maintaining nature and growing fruits, vegetables, spices, condiments and medicinal herbs in a family house, for in house consumption or in either way for kitchen use. It is said, that there are certain limitations for practicing kitchen gardening, that, this system must comprise of a family house, having a recreational area or a garden, for practicing this technique but, our point of view is, that it can also be practiced on roof-tops by using containers and pots.

If there is no availability of space on the ground then this healthy gardening activity can be practiced on house tops by the use of pots and containers. Requirement of spare time for garden establishment and management is a considerable factor; a person can only spend time in this gardening activity if he has interest in it, so to develop interest in gardening is a key factor for establishment and management of kitchen gardens. For practicing garden activity one should know the skills to establish and manage a garden. So, space, time, interest and skills are some major aspects needed for establishment of kitchen gardens.

While thinking about a kitchen/home garden, the main motive which comes in one’s mind is providence of healthy and nutritious food but benefits of kitchen/home gardens are far more than that. Garden plants and their various colors stimulate healthy brain activity. Green colour can also act positively in enhancing brain efficiency. Children and youth should also be involved in such practices; by this they can increase their exposure to fruit and vegetable consumption. For increasing children and youth involvement in garden based activities there is a need for garden based educational programs. These garden based educational programs will increase healthful eating behavior in children as well as in youth, leading to self-aware and healthy generation.

Kitchen gardening technique can also be practiced by housewives. They can adopt this technique as a hobby; by practicing kitchen gardening they will be able to reduce daily expenses and can ensure the providence of healthier, nutritious, cheaper and quality vegetables for their family.

So it can be concluded that kitchen gardens or home gardens can play a vital role in reducing health hazards and can ensure providence of healthy and nutritious vegetables.

Herb Garden Kit – Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

Herb garden kit is perfect for amateurs and professional gardeners. It includes everything you need and it is very easy to use. There are lots of kit variations to choose from. Find one that would best fit your needs. It’s an easy way to start gardening whether it is indoor plants growing in pots or outdoors in the yard. Great thing about these indoor types herb is that they can be easily moved from places to places, especially outside for their need of sunshine and it is always within reach for their maintenance. They already have the utmost ideas of what to consider about. But what they really need is the easier way of gardening.

Some of the herbal garden kit versions have artificial light to keep the plant from growing even if it’s away from the windowsill. If you prefer the window herb garden kit which includes everything but the sunlight and water, you can go with that too. You can even choose a kit with plants that grows and submerge in water, this solution eliminates the possibility of dirt spilling and resulting to a messy home. Professional gardeners have already the knowledge about gardening.

It is a great idea to nurture herbs for whatever reason it is appealing to you and it is also fairly simple. People’s everyday routine is to rush from work to their job and vise versa. Do you have the time to keep your herbs happy and healthy? Any herb that you grow has to be tended to, from beginning to end including the harvesting part.

Determine what herbs you will need to grow. Will it be for flavor in cooking, for medicinal use or even herbal tea? How many times am I going to use it? Will it be for personal use or a source of income? For professional gardeners, getting the herb garden kit is a walk in the park. If they get too busy with other things and less time for gardening, they can just order the kit. Not only does it require a little of your time, but it can also take up a little space at home.

There is also a choice of a larger kit that could take up a 10 by 10 feet space and has different kinds of herbs to choose from. Some kits have field contraptions that are used to make sure that the growth of the herb plants under any weather conditions. A small kit is available if they just need easy access of their herb garden inside the house. If you chose culinary herb garden kit, you can put it near where you cook. If you chose beautification garden kit, you can put it outside to attract beautiful looking insects to your garden with the right mix of colors and fragrances. Or even a medicinal kit for therapeutic needs.

As long as you know the category of herbs that you are planning to grow and the usage it would be easier to determine the space and the kit that would be perfect for you.