It’s All Too Much – An Easy Plan For Living a Richer Life With Less Stuff by Peter Walsh

After reading and enjoying “Enough Already!” by Peter Walsh, I purchased his earlier book, “It’s All Too Much.” I enjoyed this one too. The book’s subtitle is “An Easy Plan For Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff” and I found that to be just what this book was.

I think one of the most important lines of the book comes near the end when Walsh writes, “Getting organized for the sake of getting organized is a waste of time. Getting organized because it helps you live a richer, less stressed, happier, and more focused life, now that’s a goal worth pursuing.”

Walsh presents practical advice on getting rid of stuff, but also encouraging words to live a life that fulfills you and not one that is burdensome and stressful due to having too much. Walsh instructs you to think about the life you really want, including the home that will enrich your life and be a pace to live, not just store things.

The beginning chapters in part one, The Clutter Problem, provide a starting place to analyze your home to determine if you are a clutter junkie, and what excuses you have been using to not get organized and take control of your stuff. Then Walsh has you imagine the life you want to live and determine what your ideal home would be. Once you have laid this basic groundwork and are motivated to do something about your clutter, you progress to part two of the book, Putting Clutter in Its Place.

The first step of part two is the kick start. Walsh helps you tackle the surface clutter and get started with your de-junking with a quick and dirty sweep of your clutter. He offers practical advice and suggestions to week through things that may be bogging your home and life down. He combines this with motivating words to help you get started and stick to it. He then instructs you on making a chart of all the rooms and areas, or zones, of your home to design a plan to systematically de-clutter and organize you entire living quarters.

Walsh then includes specific chapters on various rooms such as: Master Bedroom, Kids’ Rooms, Family and Living Rooms, Home Office, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, and finally the Garage, Basement, and Other Storerooms. Each of these chapters include suggestions and tips to help you maximize your space and become more organized and less stressed over stuff.

The final steps and concluding chapters provide strategies on Maintenance, a Cleanup Checkup, and New Rituals to keep your home de-cluttered, stress free, and a place to enjoy living.

The material in this book is not earth shattering or completely new. You can find some of the same suggestions and similar strategies in other organization books. However, Walsh presents the information in a casual motivating style that is enjoyable to read. I put Peter Walsh up there with my all time favorite De-junking and Cleaning Expert, Don Aslett.

I’ve never been as cluttered as some of the people that Aslett and Walsh write about, but maybe that is because I periodically read books on de-cluttering and organization to help keep me on the path. I’ll admit, my biggest weakness is paper clutter than sometimes accumulates too much, and then I have to take the time to sort and get rid of stuff. Each time I read a book such as this, it not only helps me help others, but I also become a bit better at staying organized myself. The motivational shot works.

If clutter and stuff are a problem, I highly recommend “It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan For Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff” by Peter Walsh. It is easy to read, motivating, and full of practical solutions to clutter and stuff so that you can enjoy life more, and that is really what life is all about anyway. Isn’t it?